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... the Bavarian support initiative for German schools abroad and partner-schools abroad.

BayBIDS is supported by Bavaria University (registered society) and the Bavarian Ministry of Science, Research and Art. The project originated in 2008, with the initiative coming from the German Academic Exchange Service and the partner-school initiative of the Foreign Office. The project was set up to promote cooperation between German schools abroad and German partner-schools with Bavarian universities.
Students graduating from German schools abroad not only have excellent language skills, but are also high achievers, and hence have the perfect prerequisites for studying in Bavaria. For this reason, the intention is to attract more graduates from such schools to study in Bavaria in the future.
Therefore, BayBIDS regularly awards trial scholarships to graduates of German schools abroad, who begin their courses of study in Bavaria. Visits to partner schools abroad are also paid for. In addition, groups of foreign pupils can come to Bavarian universities for trial courses of study whilst in their final year at school. Not only does this give the pupils a first impression of what studying in Bavaria is like, but also such trial courses can help them decide where they later want to study.  
Our homepage contains extensive, detailed information for pupils and graduates of German schools abroad, for teachers and academic advisors at such schools, for parents, and also information for Bavarian universities